Using the power of human interaction

As we all know, 95% of communication is done over social networks; and so, we’ve decided to harness their amazing power to connect people and help save each other's pets.

Lost Pet Alert
The Lost Pet Alert helps reunite lost pets with their loving owners.
Our service allows you to alert when your pet is missing. This alert sends an email to all members of the Lonely Pet Project within your city, notifies them of your lost pet, and provides them with your pet’s photo and basic information.
The service uses fellow pet owners to help locate and return your lost pet safely and quickly.

Our Backbone and Body Guard.
Our unique name tags include your pet’s name, two contact phone numbers, and a unique ID that is connected to our database. The database contains more information, such as a picture of your pet, medical details, and any other crucial details.

Make sure to keep your pet out of harm's way!
The Lonely Pet Project Team